August 6, 2014

New in - My closet is full already.

Ooops, I did it again!

I've purchased a few more awesome goodies - and I did my best to keep supporting local and independent stores!

GORGEOUS Opalite plugs from UK Custom Plugs. I even got free shipping - they were celebrating a huge sale with free postage worldwide. I've been trying to grab one pair of these for a while now.. And now that i own it, I'm even more in love!
About 6.5£ per plug.

I've introduced Awllet already to you guys - and I must say, my cards and ID's never felt so happy in my DC Comics wallet!!

Meet 'Josephine' - YES, I name my pets, whether they have a beating heart or not. This needs to be the coolest ring I own. Amazing creation by P'aint Factory.

Now I can write things fancier than ever! My 'Fancy' pen is from La Cerise, and will be available with the new collection!
Available on September - 2.95€

I just had to have it! The most beautiful piece I've ever seen is actually a second-hand one, bought at the awesome My Name Is Muerte!

When purchasing fabrics for the upcoming La Cerise's collection, I've noticed this beauty. I brought it home and put my hands to work - this fresh and loose blouse is done, and now I'm "baking" a dress! I must say, I feel kinda sorry I didn't bought this fabric to La Cerise.

These purchases were from early July, but better late than never, right?



  1. esse anel é só a coisa mais porreira de sempre, quero um O.O

  2. pretty tops :)

  3. Tanta coisa gira! Esse anel é um mimo :)
    Nomeei-te para um liebster award, podes ver tudo aqui neste link:
    beijinhos :D

  4. Que coisinhas giras *.*