August 26, 2014

...So it begins!

I'm still trying to manage some time to come here. Between two jobs and a life, that's not easy.
So, today was my day off from job one, which means working for job two - my beloved La Cerise. I've been taking a few pictures of the new collection, which, by the way, looks RAD!

So, this is a quick post, a sort of "OOTD", but a strange one, since I do not take pictures of myself - and it's mostly all about accessories!

Rilakkuma Handbag - EBAY | Leopard Sunglasses - Bershka | Lilac T-Bar Flats - Lovelyshoes | Flower necklace - La Cerise | Castle Ring - Local Shop

Oh yes, do you care for a sneak peak of what is yet to come to La Cerise? Please meet the "Pineapple Incident" necklace.

OOOOOOOOHHHHHH part #2 - go enter Black Rose's giveaway (in honor of her 2 year Bloganniversary!



August 25, 2014

Happy Happy Black Rose Day!

Oh yes baby! A Maggie faz hoje dois aninhos de Blog, com o seu Black Rose, e decidiu celebrar com miminhos para vocês! :)

Enquanto mana-mais-velha (SIM, para os mais distraídos, eu e a Maggs somos irmãs!) é um orgulho vê-la crescer e agarrar-se com tanto empenho ao Blog. Venham mais dois anos! *confetis*

Whooohooohooo! Associadas ao Black Rose para esta celebração, está a Sara/Dinastia da Moda, Maria/Lovable Maria, a Neuza/Neuza Mariano, a Cátia/Nada Para Vestir, e eu própria, que gozando do estatuto de irmã, me "colei" a esta iniciativa!

Haverão dois vencedores - o primeiro prémio é o vale de 30€ na Primark - e o segundo, um Blog Book, uma criação da Maggie, que digo já antecipadamente, dá um jeito do caraças para ter sempre o Blog orientado.

Para participar é básico - basta preencher as entradas obrigatórias aqui do Rafflecopter (ou helicóptero, como eu gosto de lhe chamar) et voilá! Para entradas extra, and therefore, mais oportunidades de ganhar, é só preencher as outras entradas (as que quiserem!). Easy peasy, certo? Ohh, e desta vez, o giveaway é nacional apenas!  

Boa sorte a todos!



August 21, 2014

Winter Wishlist Round one - SHOES.

I can already smell the winds of Autumn, the cold breezes and the gray skies. I have this thing for Autumn, I must admit. Some people get depressed - I get happier!
The Fall/Winter collections are available almost everywhere, and they look wicked! I've chosen some favourite pieces, and thought about posting my I-so-must-have-that whislist. Let's start with the thing I love to shop the most - SHOES!

Brogues 35.99€

Mocassin 35.99€ | Velvet Sneakers 25.99€

WMNS ZX 700 85€

Merlin Studded Monk Shoes 50€

Forever 21
 Sleek Pointed Oxfords 31.90€

Brogues 15€

My feet are begging for these babes. I feel like I must give them what they want.

(oh, only 10 days left to grab a bargain at La Cerise! Use code SUMMERSALE and treat yourself with awesome goodies with 40% off!)


August 6, 2014

New in - My closet is full already.

Ooops, I did it again!

I've purchased a few more awesome goodies - and I did my best to keep supporting local and independent stores!

GORGEOUS Opalite plugs from UK Custom Plugs. I even got free shipping - they were celebrating a huge sale with free postage worldwide. I've been trying to grab one pair of these for a while now.. And now that i own it, I'm even more in love!
About 6.5£ per plug.

I've introduced Awllet already to you guys - and I must say, my cards and ID's never felt so happy in my DC Comics wallet!!

Meet 'Josephine' - YES, I name my pets, whether they have a beating heart or not. This needs to be the coolest ring I own. Amazing creation by P'aint Factory.

Now I can write things fancier than ever! My 'Fancy' pen is from La Cerise, and will be available with the new collection!
Available on September - 2.95€

I just had to have it! The most beautiful piece I've ever seen is actually a second-hand one, bought at the awesome My Name Is Muerte!

When purchasing fabrics for the upcoming La Cerise's collection, I've noticed this beauty. I brought it home and put my hands to work - this fresh and loose blouse is done, and now I'm "baking" a dress! I must say, I feel kinda sorry I didn't bought this fabric to La Cerise.

These purchases were from early July, but better late than never, right?