July 31, 2014

Carol Rossetti Illustrations.



The artist behind these precious illustrations is Carol Rossetti. Follow her on Facebook and Behance!

Which one of her illustrations have inspired you the most?


July 26, 2014

Day Off - Summer Heat.

Last week, my best friend "forced" me to take a day off - and well, it tasted so damn good!

We went to Parede, nearby Cascais. The weather was a bit hot for me, but nothing a nice cold beer wouldn't fix.

Now it's time to get back to work, again!
I'm been busy working on the Fall/Winter collection for La Cerise - please forgive my absence. *


July 14, 2014

Drop Dead, 700 Times!

 I went bananas when I saw it - Drop Dead is hitting 700k likes on Facebook and 200k on Twitter and Instagram! To celebrate, they're giving away £700 to spend on their website! HOLY SHIT!

I have a nice Drop Dead collection by now, and winning this would be rad!
A few of my favourites:

Death! Varsity Jacket - £80

Grim Knitted Sweater - £55

Plague Sleeveless Shirt - £40

Killer Sleeveless T-shirt - £30

Bluntly Does It T-shirt - £30

Pika Beanie - £20 £15

Deathshead Necklace - £30 £10

Ohh please, let the luck be on my side!
Enter here for a chance to win! DROP DEAD £700 GIVEAWAY


July 6, 2014

Awllet - woot woot!

 Today I'm bringing you guys to the universe of comics!
My talented friend Sofia created the coolest wallets and cigarette cases you'll ever see!


These cool pieces are all handmade and priced between 4€ and 5€! Quite a bargain, uh?!
Oh, and did I forgot to mention that EVERY PIECE is one of a kind?

This makes a perfect gift for dads and boyfriends! It's always so hard to get something cool for them, right? Well, not anymore. :)

Shop the Awllet items.
Follow Awllet on Facebook!
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What's your favourite piece from Awllet?

Also, giveaway going on here!
G I V E A W A Y - G I V E A W A Y - G I V E A W A Y


July 3, 2014

Working hard (or hardly working)!

Uhuhuuh I've been away!
Me and my La Cerise had a last minute call for one of the coolest Flea Markets in Lisbon - Portugal: Feira das Almas!
I've been working hard setting up a bunch of cool stuff to show and sell - new stuff and old stuff (on SALE!).

These beauties will be looking for new owners at the market - take them home and cherish them! Coin purses 5€ each | Makeup Bags 10€ each

For the ones that don't know what this Feira das Almas is all about, I'll quote :
"Lisbon's alternative market, promoting artists, crafters and sellers from all around Portugal.
Street fashion / jewelry / vintage / second hand / home decor / art & illustration / books / culture / cosmetics / Portuguese handmade / bargains / music / workshops / & more

Oh, and did I mention... Free entry?!

Mark your calendars!
This Saturday, July 5, stop by Feira das Almas, search for La Cerise and come and say HI! I will be excepting you guys, from 13h to 21h :D

Support local stores and HANDMADE!

How many of you know/have been to Feira das Almas?!

Also, giveaway going on here!
G I V E A W A Y - G I V E A W A Y - G I V E A W A Y